Sunday, December 28, 2014

First "Big" Purchase!

Farm tables seem to be all the craze nowadays!  I love the way they look.  There are so many styles and I love them all.  I have been searching all over for a table that wouldn't break the bank.  I've looked in furniture stores, thrift stores, Facebook, Craigslist, and so many other local places.  I've talked to several people about making a custom table and trying to find out an option that works for my family.  With 2 young kids, I needed something durable and practical.  

Well last night I was looking on Craigslist and I think I hit the jackpot!  I found this table and chair set for *drum roll*  $110!!!  Yes, an all wood table and 6 chairs for $110!!  My hubby was skeptical, so we went to check it out today and we are now proud owners of our very own farm table and chairs!   While we were loading up the table and chairs, the couple that sold it to us said that they had a lot of interest in the table and that they priced it too low.  I agree it was a steal, but I'm super happy I found it!

Here is our wonderful purchase!

I think this might be one of my first DIY projects....or I might be getting someone to refinish it for me.  It needs a little TLC, but the previous owners definitely took great care of it.  I want to keep it white, but would like the natural wood color to be a little darker.  I'm in no rush to make this happen.  It will just be added to my long list of "to-do's" for the house.

Here are some of my inspiration pictures that I found on Pinterest.  I would love to get a bench, but the chairs will do for now.

Week 5

We have a roof with shingles!  With the weather this past week, I didn't think they would get much done.  Needless to say, they did.  We happened to be on our way out of town for Christmas and just wanted to swing by the house and there were people working on the roof.  I have to say that I do feel bad about that....makes me sad to think about the time they were missing out with their families.

Last week I commented about missing windows and now the windows in the front are complete.  We did notice that one of the windows in the family room is now was there before.  Will this happen the entire process?!?  One minute there is a window and the next it's gone?  Guess it's definitely better for this to happen now than later.

Our porch also popped up this week!  I'm so excited about having a porch.  So far, we are the only house in our community with one. 

Our PM said that wiring and plumbing would happen and I assume that was the case since we saw boxes that once held tubs!  I can't wait to get in the house this week to see what's happening.  I'm bummed that others were able to go to their site at any time and we have a restriction put on us.  It definitely makes for an uneasy feeling like they are hiding something.  Hopefully that is not the case.

Here are some pics of this weeks progress!




Sunday, December 21, 2014

Week 4

I'm so excited about the progress of our house.  They seem to be moving along, but I think things are about to slow down.  This week they are call for rain Mon-Wed and then Christmas will be here.  I will be impressed if anything is done.  Our PM says he is thinking our pre-drywall meeting will happen the week of Jan. 5th......depending on the weather and holidays.  He says we are on schedule, but I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around us closing the first week of that even possible at this point?!  Guess we will find out in the coming weeks.

Check out the windows and roof!  I noticed couple of windows are missing, guess they will show up at some point!

Here are some updated pics of our house!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Not so small after all!

So I drove by the house today and I no longer think it looks small!  We have a nice sized house and it shows.  We got special permission to build the Naples in our neighborhood because it wasn't offered. Here is what it looks like as of today...also throwing in the neighbors houses (Venice and Pisa). A Milan will be going on the other side of our house.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Week 3

Here are some pictures from this week.  I tend to drive by the house often and while they are working.  I’m sure they think I’m crazy!

The first floor is up and they are now working on the second floor.  It’s going up fast!   It still looks small though....

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Week 2

We have a foundation!!!  Very exciting!  It looks so small, but I know that is not the case. 
Our PM finally called me after a very strongly worded email about doing what he says he is going to do.  Anyone who knows me, knows that when you say you are going to do something, I expect nothing less.  Hopefully I will receive my weekly update as promised.

He did say that they might start framing this week depending on the weather!  Hopefully I will have an update to my Week 2 entry!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Week 1: Finally....we have PROGRESS!

Finally, after three weeks of delays we have some progress!  I guess we finally broke ground today!  Our PM told me he would call as soon as we broke ground.....I didn't hear from him today so I'm not sure this is technically breaking ground.  I do know that our lot was empty yesterday and now we have the makings of a driveway, some gravel,  and some flags!!!!  We have waited three months for this moment and we are so glad they are starting to build our dream house!

Here was our lot yesterday.....

And here is our lot today.....PROGRESS!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

List of Ryan Home Blogs

**A more up to date list can be found here**

I know a lot of people building with Ryan Homes search the internet for blogs to see the experiences of others.  I also know that while looking through these blogs we come across tons of blogs that are outdated or haven’t been updated in years.  So here are some blogs of people who are currently building or recently closed (as of October 2014)!  While the list is small, it is up to date.  

Hopefully this will help others as it has helped me.  If you are currently building, feel free to leave your blog in the comments and I will add you to the list!  Happy building! 

Courtland Gate









Victoria Falls

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Updated Pre-Construction Meeting Questions

Well we had our first delay.  We were supposed to have our pre-construction meeting on 11/6, but it was pushed back a week because RH hadn't received the plans back from the county.....why was the meeting scheduled in the first place if this hadn't taken place :-/

So I've had some extra time to go over my questions and make some changes to my list.....Now I have an even more extensive list of questions.  Should have just met with me last week, lol!  Here is my new list.  I don't think I have missed anything!

General Questions for the Project Manager:
1.       Estimated timeline/milestones, exact closing date?
2.       What inspections will happen at each stage?
3.       Can we visit the site?  Do we need permission?
4.       Rules for visiting the site?
5.       What is the best way to reach the PM if we have questions?
6.       Can we bring our own home inspector?  What is the proper procedure?
7.       How will other homes next to us/across from us be positioned?
8.       Will there be 1 or 2 HVAC units?
9.       Will there be any electrical boxes or cables boxes on our lot?  What about sewer drains?
10.   Extra floor supports in high traffic areas?
11.   Is the subfloor nailed, glued, or screwed?  Is this throughout the entire house?
12.   Exact square footage?
13.   Deadbolt on all doors leading into the house?  Front? Garage? Morning room?
14.   Can left over materials: tile, paint, carpet, vinyl be left in garage for later use?
15.   Thermostat location?

Verification Checklist:
1.       Selected upgrades and Options…things we paid extra for
2.       Confirm extra outlet for freezer in garage
3.       Confirm gas hookup for stove
4.       Confirm extra insulation in the wall by hall bath/kitchen and garage
5.       Cable locations
6.       Design center selections
7.       Ceiling fan prewire locations

Common Areas:
1.       Smooth or rough ceilings?
2.       Power outlet location for each room?  (Kitchen, bathrooms, garage, deck, TV)
3.       Exterior outlets and locations?
4.       Switches for lights in family room
5.       Window size and location in each room?
6.       Door handles- which rooms get locks?
7.       Will all windows have screens?
8.       Verification for extra insulation- possibly in laundry room and garage?
9.       Wall switches for ceiling fans?

  • 1.       Can we choose our own granite slab?  Rounded edges?
  • 2.       Size of fridge that will fit in the design of the kitchen?
  • 3.       Confirm cabinet above stove will be higher than the other cabinets?
  • 4.       Rearrange lighting above the island for pendants- 2 regular light prewires?
  • 5.       Outlet on the island?

  • 1.       Placement of dryer vent?  Location outside?
  • 2.       Can the door open away from the room (not into the room)?
  • 3.       Extra insulation in walls and floor?

1.       Can attic access be moved here?

1.       Shelving in closet?

  • 1.       Vent locations?
  • 2.       Can master bathroom window open?
  • 3.       Extra insulation?  Hear shower/toilets
  • 4.       Recessed lighting in all showers?

  • 1.       Confirm that garage door opener, sensors, and button will be prewired behind the wall and we will only need to install the unit
  • 2.       Confirm garage will be dry-walled
  • 3.       Is there a drainpipe in the garage?
  • 4.       Will there be a deadbolt on the door to the garage?

1.       Gas line location?
2.       What outdoor lights are standard?
3.       Location of flood light?
4.       Where are the hose bibs located?  How many?
5.       When will the yard be completed since we are closing in the winter?  Will hay be put over the dirt in the meantime?
6.       Confirm front yard will be sodded?  How much for extra sod?
7.       Grass in the backyard?  How far back?
8.       Gutters around the entire house?
9.       What kind of plants/trees are placed?  Can we alter anything?
10.   Can we pick the placement of the trees?
11.   Grading?  Will the lot remain flat?
12.   What is the warranty on seeding and sod?  What if it doesn’t grow?
13.   How many steps to the front porch?  Railings?
14.   How many steps into the house from garage?
15.   Location of outdoor AC unit?  Heat pump?
16.   Mailbox?
17.   Sidewalks?
18.   Driveway width?  Will it be done in winter or spring?  Wide enough for 2 cars?
19.   Is the driveway asphalt or concrete?  Can we get concrete if asphalt is standard?
20.   If water ponds in the grass, will you fix this after the yard is installed?

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Pre-Construction Meeting Questions

We have been contacted to set up our pre-construction meeting!!!!  This means we will be breaking ground sooner than anticipated!

So with this meeting happening in a few days, I have looked at a ton of blogs and their pre-construction meeting questions…..and at this point I have 30, lol!  Our poor project manager has no idea who he is dealing with.   Oh well, this is a huge investment and I want to make sure it is done right.  As our SR knows, I ask TONS of questions ALL.THE.TIME.   If I don’t feel something is right, I will let them know.  If I don’t like his answer, I will let him know.  When it comes down to it, this is what they get paid for, and I am a paying customer who wants to feel comfortable and confident with this purchase.

Here is my list of questions…..if I add more I will update.  Am I missing anything?!?!

  1. Driveway width?  What is it made of?  Will it be done in the winter or spring?
  2. How many steps to front porch?
  3. Hose bib location and number?
  4. Are there any exterior outlets?  Locations?
  5. Location of AC unit and heat pump?
  6. Location of flood light? Standard exterior lights?
  7. Granite-Can we pick our slab? Rounded edges?
  8. Can we visit when we want?  If not, how is this arranged?
  9. Best way to reach you for questions?
  10. Can we have our own independent inspector for pre-drywall and pre-settlement?
  11. Recessed light placement?  Can we move some of the standard kitchen lights to another location?
  12. What is the exact square footage?
  13. Smooth or rough ceilings?
  14. Shelving in all closets?
  15. When will lawn be seeded/ how much sod?
  16. Will there be any sidewalks?
  17. Will the windows have screens?
  18. Is there drainage in garage?
  19. Is there an outlet on kitchen island?
  20. Attic Access location?  Is it possible to move it to a different location?
  21. Extra floor supports in high traffic areas?
  22. Recessed light in each shower?
  23. Is it possible to get extra insulation in laundry room and bathrooms? 
  24. Will we have porch railing?
  25. What warranties are included?
  26. Dead bolt on the front door?
  27. Will the garage have drywall?
  28. How will the homes beside us and across from us be positioned?
  29. Gutters around the entire house?
  30. Will there be a rough-in for a garage door opener?

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fun with Flooring!

We finally had our flooring appointment.  This was something that I was really excited about.   I had been talking to the flooring representative in advance so I could get an idea of the cost.  I didn't want to get there and blow our budget.

 A lot of people put hardwood in their houses because it is durable and it looks beautiful.  I love the look of hardwood floors but definitely do not love the price tag that comes along with them.  Also, after our experience with the hardwood in our current house, we knew we didn't want them in our new house.  So this left us with some limited options…..Vinyl, carpet, and tile. 

I know a lot of people turn their nose up to vinyl....I know this because I was one of those people, but vinyl has come a very long way and there are a lot of nice options out there.  So we upgraded our vinyl flooring to one that looks like hardwood.  With two young children and a dog we needed something with easy cleanup!  We also had to get permission for a non-standard….putting the wood like vinyl in our living room and dining room.  Who thought that putting carpet in a dining room was a good idea?!?!?  Food and carpet do not mix!    We did upgrade the carpet and pad in the family room which will be a high traffic area.  We decided to stick with the standard carpet and pad for upstairs. One day we will change it, but it will do for now.   We put ivory ceramic tile in our master bath….nothing fancy. 

Here are some pictures of our selections. 

The vinyl flooring with our St. Celia granite and Maple Cognac Cabinet
Bathroom vinyl and cabinets.  The master and guest bathroom will have the same stuff. 

Everything all together

Handrail will match the vinyl. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Model Pictures and Loan!

We recently went to the Naples model in our area to take note of some things inside. Here are some of the pictures.  

Living Room

Dining Room

"Mud Room"

Downstairs bathroom

Family Room

Morning Room


Picture of kitchen with new refrigerator layout

Laundry Room

Master bedroom

The loft looks bigger from this angle


Another bedroom

Oh, and our loan was APPROVED!!!!  We are super excited.  I've heard a lot of things about NVR...not all good.  My experience has been great so far.  Everyone has been very pleasant and nice to work with.  No complaints from me!   Now lets hope this continues throughout this entire process. 

Hopefully we will break ground in December, which is what we were told when we signed the contract.  It seems so far away.

Our goes back to the trees!