Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fun with Flooring!

We finally had our flooring appointment.  This was something that I was really excited about.   I had been talking to the flooring representative in advance so I could get an idea of the cost.  I didn't want to get there and blow our budget.

 A lot of people put hardwood in their houses because it is durable and it looks beautiful.  I love the look of hardwood floors but definitely do not love the price tag that comes along with them.  Also, after our experience with the hardwood in our current house, we knew we didn't want them in our new house.  So this left us with some limited options…..Vinyl, carpet, and tile. 

I know a lot of people turn their nose up to vinyl....I know this because I was one of those people, but vinyl has come a very long way and there are a lot of nice options out there.  So we upgraded our vinyl flooring to one that looks like hardwood.  With two young children and a dog we needed something with easy cleanup!  We also had to get permission for a non-standard….putting the wood like vinyl in our living room and dining room.  Who thought that putting carpet in a dining room was a good idea?!?!?  Food and carpet do not mix!    We did upgrade the carpet and pad in the family room which will be a high traffic area.  We decided to stick with the standard carpet and pad for upstairs. One day we will change it, but it will do for now.   We put ivory ceramic tile in our master bath….nothing fancy. 

Here are some pictures of our selections. 

The vinyl flooring with our St. Celia granite and Maple Cognac Cabinet
Bathroom vinyl and cabinets.  The master and guest bathroom will have the same stuff. 

Everything all together

Handrail will match the vinyl. 


  1. Wow.. you can't even tell it's vinyl! It is going to look excellent! :) Not sure how it is a non-standard to have vinyl in the living and dining rooms. That's interesting.. but I really love yours selections. Beautiful choices. :)

    1. Yes! We said the same thing. Our SR took us to another house in our development that had vinyl in it and that sealed the deal for us. It will due for now while our kiddos are young. One day we will upgrade to something nicer!