Monday, December 21, 2015

10 month review

Well it’s been several months since I’ve blogged.  Today was our 10 month review and it went really well.  First, I seriously have the best service manager RH has to offer.  He has gone above and beyond and is always truly genuine.  He will get all 10’s on his survey and guess what!??!  He NEVER mentioned the survey during our time working with him.  I really wish that he was the person we dealt with during our building experience.   He has made us feel a lot better about things that have been done that we knew were not correct.  He is prompt with service calls and answers any questions we have.  Mike, you are AWESOME!

The floors were the biggest item.  There were several spots throughout our home that needed attention.  The issue that I have with the flooring is that a lot of these issues were pointed out during framing.  When we pointed out the nails that didn’t make it into the studs we were told that it was fine because they used glue and screws in addition to the nails.  WRONG!  So note to those in the framing process….if you see nails that were properly placed, say something and have them fix it then.  It’s a lot easier to repair when you aren’t dealing with carpet, vinyl, or whatever flooring you choose.

The yard.  OH the yard.  I’m so tired of this yard.  I put this on my 10 month review and got a phone call about it.  I said there were holes in the front and that the grade in the back STILL is not right.   The holes were supposed to be taken care of and they would take a look at the grade.  The landscapers came out and said they were here to fix holes and the back yard.  I was excited!  Finally, some acknowledgement about the crappy job in the back yard.  As they worked we were told how the grade was incorrect and they were going to fix it.  Then about 15 minutes later we were told they had the wrong house and the back yard wasn’t getting anything.   It would have been nice to know that the landscapers were coming in the first place, but hey they came.   I would love to see some documentation on what the grade is supposed to be between the houses and in the back yard.  I know without a doubt that it is not correct, but it was made “crystal clear” to me that RH would not do anything else to the yard.  As stated in a previous blog post, if the president of RH came to my house there is no way that he would agree that the yard is what it is supposed to be.  NO WAY!

Here are some pictures of our beautiful back yard….or rock garden.  


Other than the yard and floors, we didn’t have anything else really major.  Just some caulking and discussion about drywall.   Now the drywall repair will be a beast.  We have several nail pops and cracks.  Hope they drywall people are prepared for some serious work.   I will blog about that when that time comes.