Sunday, November 2, 2014

Pre-Construction Meeting Questions

We have been contacted to set up our pre-construction meeting!!!!  This means we will be breaking ground sooner than anticipated!

So with this meeting happening in a few days, I have looked at a ton of blogs and their pre-construction meeting questions…..and at this point I have 30, lol!  Our poor project manager has no idea who he is dealing with.   Oh well, this is a huge investment and I want to make sure it is done right.  As our SR knows, I ask TONS of questions ALL.THE.TIME.   If I don’t feel something is right, I will let them know.  If I don’t like his answer, I will let him know.  When it comes down to it, this is what they get paid for, and I am a paying customer who wants to feel comfortable and confident with this purchase.

Here is my list of questions…..if I add more I will update.  Am I missing anything?!?!

  1. Driveway width?  What is it made of?  Will it be done in the winter or spring?
  2. How many steps to front porch?
  3. Hose bib location and number?
  4. Are there any exterior outlets?  Locations?
  5. Location of AC unit and heat pump?
  6. Location of flood light? Standard exterior lights?
  7. Granite-Can we pick our slab? Rounded edges?
  8. Can we visit when we want?  If not, how is this arranged?
  9. Best way to reach you for questions?
  10. Can we have our own independent inspector for pre-drywall and pre-settlement?
  11. Recessed light placement?  Can we move some of the standard kitchen lights to another location?
  12. What is the exact square footage?
  13. Smooth or rough ceilings?
  14. Shelving in all closets?
  15. When will lawn be seeded/ how much sod?
  16. Will there be any sidewalks?
  17. Will the windows have screens?
  18. Is there drainage in garage?
  19. Is there an outlet on kitchen island?
  20. Attic Access location?  Is it possible to move it to a different location?
  21. Extra floor supports in high traffic areas?
  22. Recessed light in each shower?
  23. Is it possible to get extra insulation in laundry room and bathrooms? 
  24. Will we have porch railing?
  25. What warranties are included?
  26. Dead bolt on the front door?
  27. Will the garage have drywall?
  28. How will the homes beside us and across from us be positioned?
  29. Gutters around the entire house?
  30. Will there be a rough-in for a garage door opener?

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  1. So exciting you will be starting sooner than you thought! Nothing better than that! :) So excited for you!