Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Updated Pre-Construction Meeting Questions

Well we had our first delay.  We were supposed to have our pre-construction meeting on 11/6, but it was pushed back a week because RH hadn't received the plans back from the county.....why was the meeting scheduled in the first place if this hadn't taken place :-/

So I've had some extra time to go over my questions and make some changes to my list.....Now I have an even more extensive list of questions.  Should have just met with me last week, lol!  Here is my new list.  I don't think I have missed anything!

General Questions for the Project Manager:
1.       Estimated timeline/milestones, exact closing date?
2.       What inspections will happen at each stage?
3.       Can we visit the site?  Do we need permission?
4.       Rules for visiting the site?
5.       What is the best way to reach the PM if we have questions?
6.       Can we bring our own home inspector?  What is the proper procedure?
7.       How will other homes next to us/across from us be positioned?
8.       Will there be 1 or 2 HVAC units?
9.       Will there be any electrical boxes or cables boxes on our lot?  What about sewer drains?
10.   Extra floor supports in high traffic areas?
11.   Is the subfloor nailed, glued, or screwed?  Is this throughout the entire house?
12.   Exact square footage?
13.   Deadbolt on all doors leading into the house?  Front? Garage? Morning room?
14.   Can left over materials: tile, paint, carpet, vinyl be left in garage for later use?
15.   Thermostat location?

Verification Checklist:
1.       Selected upgrades and Options…things we paid extra for
2.       Confirm extra outlet for freezer in garage
3.       Confirm gas hookup for stove
4.       Confirm extra insulation in the wall by hall bath/kitchen and garage
5.       Cable locations
6.       Design center selections
7.       Ceiling fan prewire locations

Common Areas:
1.       Smooth or rough ceilings?
2.       Power outlet location for each room?  (Kitchen, bathrooms, garage, deck, TV)
3.       Exterior outlets and locations?
4.       Switches for lights in family room
5.       Window size and location in each room?
6.       Door handles- which rooms get locks?
7.       Will all windows have screens?
8.       Verification for extra insulation- possibly in laundry room and garage?
9.       Wall switches for ceiling fans?

  • 1.       Can we choose our own granite slab?  Rounded edges?
  • 2.       Size of fridge that will fit in the design of the kitchen?
  • 3.       Confirm cabinet above stove will be higher than the other cabinets?
  • 4.       Rearrange lighting above the island for pendants- 2 regular light prewires?
  • 5.       Outlet on the island?

  • 1.       Placement of dryer vent?  Location outside?
  • 2.       Can the door open away from the room (not into the room)?
  • 3.       Extra insulation in walls and floor?

1.       Can attic access be moved here?

1.       Shelving in closet?

  • 1.       Vent locations?
  • 2.       Can master bathroom window open?
  • 3.       Extra insulation?  Hear shower/toilets
  • 4.       Recessed lighting in all showers?

  • 1.       Confirm that garage door opener, sensors, and button will be prewired behind the wall and we will only need to install the unit
  • 2.       Confirm garage will be dry-walled
  • 3.       Is there a drainpipe in the garage?
  • 4.       Will there be a deadbolt on the door to the garage?

1.       Gas line location?
2.       What outdoor lights are standard?
3.       Location of flood light?
4.       Where are the hose bibs located?  How many?
5.       When will the yard be completed since we are closing in the winter?  Will hay be put over the dirt in the meantime?
6.       Confirm front yard will be sodded?  How much for extra sod?
7.       Grass in the backyard?  How far back?
8.       Gutters around the entire house?
9.       What kind of plants/trees are placed?  Can we alter anything?
10.   Can we pick the placement of the trees?
11.   Grading?  Will the lot remain flat?
12.   What is the warranty on seeding and sod?  What if it doesn’t grow?
13.   How many steps to the front porch?  Railings?
14.   How many steps into the house from garage?
15.   Location of outdoor AC unit?  Heat pump?
16.   Mailbox?
17.   Sidewalks?
18.   Driveway width?  Will it be done in winter or spring?  Wide enough for 2 cars?
19.   Is the driveway asphalt or concrete?  Can we get concrete if asphalt is standard?
20.   If water ponds in the grass, will you fix this after the yard is installed?

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