Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Week 10

23 more days!  This week has been exciting.  I drove by earlier this week and there were boxes in the garage, so I took a peek (and I didn't go in, lol)!  Doors and cabinets! YAY!

Our deck went up this week.  I think at some point we will make it bigger, but it will do for now.  It’s definitely 100 times better than some things I’ve seen.


Here is our kitchen!  It’s all coming together.  I love the cabinets (maple cognac).  I think they look great.  So much space for all of my wine glasses....and other things that go in the kitchen.  Can’t wait to see how everything looks with our granite and appliances. 


We also have paint!  I’m so glad they don’t paint the walls white.  We don’t plan on painting until after our 10-month, so I'm glad it's a nice beige color.  I know a lot of people paint as soon as they move in, but I'm too nervous!  I already hate painting enough as it is, and I’m not interested in doing any touch ups due to nail pops, cracks, or other house settling stuff. 
Oh and we have a garage door and 2 out of 3 columns! One was cracked, so it's on the way!  I absolutely love this elevation.  
So what's next?  Driveway and walkway, bathroom tile, plumbing and lighting, granite, and I'm sure a lot more stuff that I can't remember.  I feel like a kid on Christmas morning! 


  1. Things seem to be coming together beautifully. We have the same kitchen cabinets, so it is great to see how my kitchen will look. Keep those pictures coming :)

  2. Your house looks so good. I really love that front porch!

  3. We are in the beginning stages of building our Naples, and we have been reading your blog. Nice to see progress every week! What was the feature(s) that sold you on the house? For me at least, were the loft, and the kitchen. :)

    1. Hi Becky! We loved the open concept, the kitchen, and the loft! Are you blogging about your Naples?!

    2. I haven't blogged about our Naples, however I'm photographing and sharing on FB. We're currently awaiting on NVR to call to let us know they received our loan application packet (I hate waiting LOL). I guess once they say our loan is approved, I'll relax.

  4. Looking great. Looks like you're about a month or so ahead of our build. Can't wait to experience the rest of it.