Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Early Week 9.....They are watching us!

Ryan Homes that is!  Yup, they read our blogs.   Am I the only one who didn’t realize this?!! LOL! Guess that was really naïve of me.
How did I find this out?  My PM….in a meeting we had today.  I greatly appreciate my PM calling me to have a meeting after my request and after he read my blog.  While my Week 8 post wasn’t the happiest post, it was honest and how I felt.  After our meeting today, I do feel better.  He explained the water on the floor….a long explanation but a plumber came out to make sure there were no leaks.  He explained that wood that looked all crazy on the porch….they use that wood for nailing the vinyl stuff.   He explained all the workings of drywall and let us walk in the house to take a look.  We also discussed the trim above and around the windows….hopefully they can remain white.  It just looks SOOOOO much better.   

I’m not happy that I’ve been banned from the house without our PM.  I hate that policy.  I really do think that at this point in construction we should be able to visit our sites as long as no one is working.  While I do understand it’s a liability issue, it does put a damper on the excitement of building a new home.   It’s my house that we are building, but it’s not MY house.

So what’s coming up?  Garage, columns, drive way, and paint.

We are still set for a closing date of February 20th!  Exactly 30 days away!  Wow time has flown by.  It seems like yesterday that I was driving by our empty lot wondering when they were going to finally start!
Here are some pictures of our walk thru today. 

Dining room and living room

Family Room
Morning room





  1. LOL, yes they do read our blogs. Some SRs and PMs appreciate them, others do not. Just remember this blog is more for you than for them.
    PS- you need a countdown clock! The excitement is building!

  2. Oh yes, I remember when I got that call about a blog I did once. After that I was weary about what I said, but then that quickly went away and starting speaking my mind again.

  3. Ha ha ha ha... Like a blog would censor me. Not when I'm giving you hundreds of thousands of dollars to build me a home!

  4. Yup, they contacted us to be "Blog of the Month". They definitely read all of ours. For us we viewed it as good knowing we had a forum with them. We always told the truth and didn't sugar coat. Like my wife said, no way I'm holding my tongue when this kind of money is getting spent.

    1. Also your house is looking great! For us this was the most exciting time period of construction. Really starts to feel real.

  5. Yep, I'd post away! I know my SR reads mine. He's told me that both he reads it and he's had some customers come in after finding our blog as well. It's a good outlet for you and keeps those that are working on your home in the loop of what you're thinking. ;)