Sunday, February 22, 2015

So we are in here!

I'm soooo tired!  We moved Friday after closing and have been rolling since.  We have almost finished unpacking so that's good.  We had tons of boxes and I'd say we are down to around 15 left.

A lot has happened this past week!  I don't even know where to begin. 

So Monday, we had a "kind of" walk thru with our PM.  We pointed out things that we wanted fixed and that was that.  We also got a lot of snow for our area....6 inches!  I know you people up north are used to it, but its a lot to us!  During this time, we noticed our rails inside the house were stained the wrong color.  We also pointed out a lot of issues with the exterior which can't be addressed until the weather is warmer.  I'm glad my PM offered to meet with us earlier this week because he knew I was apprehensive about having our orientation the day before closing.  I will say that if you can avoid this and get things NOT have your orientation the day before closing.

Tuesday, we were supposed to have our personal inspection, but he couldn't make it out due to the weather.

Thursday, we had our new home orientation and our inspection.   A lot of the things that we discussed on Monday were taken care of, but our floors (vinyl) looked awful and the rail still was not correct.  We also noticed that we could see the pad under the carpet in our master bedroom because the carpet was cut too short.  Our PM said they could fix it by basically using a tool that would push it under the baseboard.  We got all of the things we wanted fixed in writing....things to be fixed before closing and things to be fixed when the weather permits.  Our PM told us to call so he could show us everything was corrected before closing

Friday,  I had to run errands with the kiddos.  After I was done, I called my PM and he couldn't meet......anyway, we closed!  It was fast.....just a ton of signatures and we were out of there. NVR has been a joy to work with.  Everyone was prompt with emails and any questions I may have had.  I would highly recommend using NVR to anyone purchasing a Ryan Home. 

After closing, I ran by Home Depot to pick up a few things and got on the interstate.....with a FLAT TIRE!  Let me tell you, sitting on the side of I-95 on one of the coldest days of the year with cars going at least 70mph is no fun.  Luckily a friend who was helping my husband load up the truck was able to help me out.... it was repaired quickly and I was able to finally see our house!  The floors look a million times better, but they still missed several spots.  The carpet in the bedroom was not fixed.  The rail was not correct. The kitchen was dirty....dust was everywhere....cabinets, appliances, pantry....everywhere.   Even though those things were not satisfactory, we were still excited to be moving into our house.  Blinds started going up, beds were set up, and I was able to start unpacking the kitchen.

Saturday, we had a friend put the rest of the blinds up (awesome friend) and did a ton of unpacking.

Today we had our cable, internet, and phone set up in addition to an electrician (another friend) putting in all of our lights and ceiling fans.  Lights make such a huge difference!  We didn't do anything fancy, just needed to get some lights in!

Overall, I am very happy with how things have turned out.  I will say to make sure you speak up if you see something that you don't like.  Don't assume obvious things will be fixed.  For us, we just need for things that were promised to be fixed, to be fixed correctly and not some quick temporary fix.

I will post pictures at some point this week!


  1. Are they going to still correct the items that were suppose to be fixed prior to closing?

    1. Yea. I got everything in writing so it will be fixed

  2. Can't wait to see your pictures!! Hope your unpacking is going well!

  3. Best advice Nokomis!! Speak up! They are replacing our siding where they attempted to paint it so it looked awful... Got it all in writing!

    Congrats again!!

  4. Congratulations!! Super excited for y'all!!

  5. What a whirlwind day you had, so much, I feel tired just reading your entry! I'm so happy you are settled in and love your home! Some day, I'll get my turn! Can't wait to see the pictures!

  6. Ahh I remember those days like it was yesterday, we slept on the floor the first night just to break it in :)