Friday, February 13, 2015

One week!

We have sod!  It is like the icing on the cake to our beautiful home.  I absolutely LOVE how everything has come together.  While I was worried about the colors and trim, it really has come together nicely.   I didn’t get to go in today, but there were a lot of people doing work.  From what it looked like, there was a man power washing the exterior, someone painting, and someone cleaning.  They are really trying to get our house ready!  I can’t wait to see everything on Monday!

I figured that since we were in the end of the process that I would look to see if we passed our final county inspection and we didn’t.  Not sure why it was submitted knowing that the house was not 100% complete.  When we walked through for our security meeting, there were some things that we noticed…..for example, the back door still didn’t have a deadbolt, which was one of the reasons for the failed inspection.   I know the house will be 100% before we move in, but it’s still disappointing to see that it failed due to little details that haven’t been taken care of.  

Speaking of inspections, we have our personal inspection scheduled for Tuesday and should have his findings that evening.   I know that he will do a thorough job and I hope that all of the contractors have done the same.  He told us from the beginning that this is where he finds issues….with the finishes and workmanship of the various contractors that put together the finished product.  

Speaking of finishes, I hope that the painters have fixed some of the sloppy work I’ve seen (hopefully that’s what they were doing today).   I have learned a lot from reading from others experiences, and I know to go over our house in great detail and to always speak up if we feel something isn’t right.  We will point out any and everything we see that we feel is not done correctly.  While this might not be a big investment to some, it is to us and we expect it to be done right.  It’s not personal, it’s business.


  1. I agree always speak up. I can't wait to hear how your personal inspection goes.

  2. It's nice to see a blog that is way ahead of where we are, like you said, you learn from other blogs that had issues. Almost at the home stretch!

  3. Also, how big are your washer and dryer? My hubby is curious to see how big we can go.

    1. Hey Becky, I'm not sure. We took whatever was included in the package. I can let you know tomorrow after our walk thru.