Monday, August 1, 2016

Special Thanks and Pics

My Ryan Homes experience has been full of ups and downs, but now that we’ve been in our house for over a year, I want to thank some of the people who really did an amazing job!  I’ve also added a few updated pics of what we’ve done in the house.  Enjoy!

First, our sales rep.  Chad was awesome!  He made the beginning of our RH experience very enjoyable and exciting.  He was patient and willing to work with us as first time builders.  He always answered emails, phone calls, texts, whatever.  He never tried to pressure us into anything.  He was always honest and up front with everything.  I can say without a doubt that if I were to call Chad today with a question, he would do anything he could to help us out.   If I could give Chad more than 10s on his survey, he 100% earned them.    If you are in the Richmond, VA area…..find Chad….he is the BEST!

Next up.  MIKE P!  I cannot say enough good things about my service manager and his assistant John.  I know they are so glad that we are out of our 1-year warranty, lol.   Mike is seriously one of the kindest and patient people I have ever met.  When we would be extremely upset, he would make sure he could do everything to ease our frustration.  I don’t know other SM’s, but I can say that Mike is one of the best Ryan Homes has to offer.   He is the #1 example of what a service manager should be.  He seriously goes above and beyond and we are truly thankful that he was who we worked with in our community.  John is one of the hardest working men!  I know that’s his job, but he did great work in our home.  I greatly appreciate being able to work with both of them. 


Here are some pictures….I feel like I haven’t posted any in a while.  I'm so excited we will be painting soon!  I can't wait to get rid of these flat paint walls.

Living room



Dining room


Family room


Loft/play room
My little DIY chalk board project!


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  1. Your home is beautiful. I am glad Ryan made everything right.