Friday, March 20, 2015

30 days in.....

We had our 30 day inspection and overall I'm very pleased.  We had a very long list of things that needed to be addressed....some of which were on our list of things before closing. 

The carpet in our bedroom needed some work.  We could see the carpet pad at the edge of the carpet.  This was fixed today and looks much better.

The rails to our steps were replaced today.  We had a mini walk-thru before our official new home orientation.  During this time we noticed our rails were not the correct color.  They attempted to re-stain them and they just did not look good.  I'm very happy that our PM suggested that they be replaced.  They look wonderful now!

There was a hump in the landing at the top of the stairs.  They had the framers come back to repair this.  This was a very loud repair, lol. 

Our microwave has been a collector of drywall dust.  I'm positive that I've cleaned the microwave more than any other item in this house.  Every time we open it, there is dust.  I clean it and more dust.  So today they took out the microwave and found dust on top of it.  They cleaned it off and vacuumed behind the microwave and hopefully we won't have any more dust.

We had the crown moulding on one of our cabinets repaired.  During this, we discovered a hole.  Not too happy about that, but it was covered with the moulding.  I just think that some sort of patching should have happened before the moulding was put on, but that's just my opinion.   It was patched today so we are happy.

There were some other minor things like trim and paint and a tiny piece of tile, but nothing else major. 

In a couple of weeks there will be some more repairs.....

We have a crack in one of our cabinets.  Nothing huge, but its a crack.  Our PM has to order the cabinet and it will be installed along with the other repairs.

Our back yard looks pretty bad.  I know that Ryan isn't going to seed our entire lot, but we currently have nothing but mud and rocks.  Our PM is going to have the landscaper come back and rake the lot and put down new seed.  Hopefully we will have some grass in the upcoming weeks.

The exterior will be taken care definitely needs some TLC.   There will be some painting and caulking and power washing.  It will definitely look nice when they are done.  The winter weather is to blame for this!

Overall our 30 day went well.  Our PM addressed every.single.item we pointed out.  He answered every question and we are very pleased with all the repairs.  I love our house!

Now for the fun stuff.  I'm definitely happy with the progress of our house.  We are down to very few boxes and are getting settled in quite nicely.   Hopefully we will get some curtains up soon!  We are trying to use a lot of the things we already had.  Of course I've purchased some new items and will purchase more at some point, but I'm trying to be thrifty.  We have a lot more space to decorate and we are on a budget.  I'm trying really hard to do one room at a time, but it's not working out so well for me, lol.  Here are some progress pictures....from my cell phone.

Dining room

Living room

Daughters room
Master Bedroom

Son's Bedroom

Kids bathroom

My picture wall....I'm very proud of this!


  1. Outstanding. Did you know your pantry door is installed incorrectly? It should open inside the pantry so that it doesn't block the hallway. They also did mine wrong and had to reference the plans. Sure enough it open towards the inside.

    1. Our door can't open the other way. It would bump into the shelving. The Naples pantry is smaller than the!

  2. I might be wrong about the pantry door. I thought you also had a rome. Not sure how the Napels is set up.

    BTW: is the shower curtain rod included or did you have to buy that?

    1. It was included! I was actually shocked, lol.

    2. Chris, her blog is Our Journey to Naples ;) lol

  3. Your home is coming right along! Beautiful! Too bad I don't work at Kirkland's anymore, it would've help out a lot. Lol.

    1. That would be helpful! Kirkland always has nice things.

  4. Looking great! I love the rug in the living room!

  5. Where did you get the little sconces you have hanging in your bathroom? I love those! Everything looks really nice. Doesn't it feel good to have things finally coming together? Feels like home, right? :)

    1. Hey Jenny, they came from Target YEARS ago. One of those things I'm reusing. It definitely feels good to be making it our home!

  6. Your home looks great! I must say I too love your picture wall! Great work!!!