Saturday, September 27, 2014

Here we go!

Well after several months of looking and discussing and more looking and more discussing, we finally made a decision....and signed a contract!  We are building a Naples with Ryan Homes.   We visited a model over a year ago and fell in love with the floor plan.   It is very open and there is a lot of space for our family of four.  

Here is the floor plan.  Ours will be reversed.....

We are super excited to have this opportunity and couldn't pass up a great deal.   We met with our sales representative and he put together a pretty impressive package.   From the initial sales meeting to the contract signing is kind of like a whirlwind.  It’s crazy how you have to pretty much pick out all of your options.   It would be nice if Ryan Homes had a design center so you could actually see the things you are picking.  When we were looking for a house, we looked at a different builder and they let us go to their design center to see everything first hand… was really cool!  With Ryan Homes, you have to rely on pictures, tiny samples, and visiting models to see the available options.

Here’s what we have picked so far:

Naples Elevation D- The only option with a front porch
Morning Room
Gourmet island
7 Ceiling fan rough-ins- all bedrooms, loft, family room, and morning room
Brushed Nickel fixtures
Recessed lighting in the kitchen
42 inch cabinets with molding
Stainless steel appliances
Upgraded master bath the big shower option
Garage service entrance
Oak Rails (white balusters)
Attic Storage
Double sinks (upstairs bathrooms)

We have our 14-day appointment this week and we have been discussing some changes to the options we initially picked.   Hopefully we make the right choices because I hear it’s pain to make changes after this appointment!  Is there anything you wish you had changed during this appointment?


  1. Congrats on your choice! I like the Naples floorplan, it does a really good job of maximizing space. We're building in SC (you can check me out at, and we had to go to a separate location to choose our flooring and tile, did you guys do all that when you signed your paperwork? You should still have some time to make changes, the 14 days is for structural, and then you get 30 days for finishes. I was also frustrated at choosing items from small samples, so I actually drove to every Ryan model within a 50 mile radius just to see as many samples in "real life" as I could. I wouldn't suggest being as crazy as I was, but if there are any other Ryan communities near you, it wouldn't hurt to take a peak. I actually found one model that has the same kitchen choices that I decided on, and it was so nice to see it in person and know I liked what I chose! Good luck!

    1. Thank you Marissa! We are super excited! Your blog has been helpful....we have the same kitchen selections. I borrowed some pics from your blog...totally gave you credit! I can't wait to see your finished product. For now I can live vicariously through your blog since we aren't scheduled to even break ground until December. Can't wait too see more updates!!!!